Doing Our Bit for the Victims in Nepal

25th April, 2015 brought in a sad news for the world, as Nepal, a tiny country at the feet of the Himalayas was struck by a 7.9 magnitude Earthquake. This has rendered many homeless and injured. Affecting about 30 districts among the total 75, the death toll has reached to about 5500 and is expected to touch 10,000. Out of the 2.8 million affected children, about 9,40,000 need immediate aid. This includes food, shelter, medicines and clean water.

With the prayers and support from all across the world, we, at medikab, too, would like to extend a helping hand towards our neighbors. We are here to be a medium through which you can also do your bit and help the citizens in need.

Having affected thousands of people, proper medicines and medical care are the need of the hour. Being a part of the medical field, by dealing with medicines and various other products, we at medikab will make use of this money to buy medicines and provide medical aid to the victims affected by the earthquake. Every little bit that you contribute through this website, will be used for the purpose of medication.

You can do so by simply filling the form. We assure you that every penny that you put in will be used for the wellness and the betterment of the victims. You can now give it a thought and take a step towards helping those in need. It will just take a few minutes until you fill in the form and pass on a small part of your earnings towards the Victims in Nepal.